Call for Workshops – AAL Forum 2021


The upcoming AAL Forum 2021 will be held in Trieste, Italy, between 10-12 May 2021, and participants are now invited to submit their workshop ideas until 26 June 2020.


These workshops should be interactive and organized as motivational sessions following the thematic areas dedicated to the upcoming Decade of Healthy Ageing promoted by the World Health Organisation in 2020.


Those main topics put forward by WHO are:

– Driving a platform for innovation and change

– Adapting health and care systems to the changing needs of an ageing population & drawing on the emerging learnings from the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020

– Promoting Intergenerational Solidarity

– Make the socio-economic case for impact investment into healthy ageing.


For the promoters of the workshops, the AAL Programme can waive the registration fees and cover the travel and accommodation expenses for some speakers in each session.


The deadline for applications is 26 June 2020 and you can apply with your workshop by sending your application to:


Find out more information here.