Five AAL Technologies to help you stay healthy and active


The AAL Programme would like to highlight five AAL projects that address and propose new solutions to keep us healthy by allowing you stay active for as long as possible and retain your sense of well-being!


Over the last decade, AAL has supported a wide array of projects addressing different aspects of physical health. This includes innovations such as development of software to help you navigate and plan your walks, exercise planners to find the best and most personalized approaches to exercise, and devices that directly support you to move.


Now the AAL Programme wants to draw your attention to the following AAL Technologies:


TACTILE: The TACTILE team has developed a mixed reality (MR) software for elderly people for playing board games and doing physical training exercises on MR glasses.

4ME: The 4ME project is a reminiscence and video based motivational system for cycling and exercising at home.

ExerGetic: The ExerGetic project team develops a motivating video game-based training for the geriatric population allowing the simultaneous and individually adaptable training of physical and cognitive functions.

FreeWalker: FreeWalker technologies enable people with cognitive difficulties to leave their homes and be active outside with FreeWalker functioning as a safety net in the background.

SLF – StayFitLonger: The project “StayFitLonger“ develops an integrated platform for healthy ageing at home and aims to offer a program proposing physical and cognitive exercises for seniors.


Find more information on the projects here.